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Railroad Earth Live at ABC on 2007-01-28

Railroad Earth
ABC, Glasgow, Scotland (Celtic Connections Festival)
January 28, 2007

(One set)

Disc One (59:44)

1. Dandelion Wine (5:40)
2. Stillwater Getaway (9:33)
3. Black Bear (10:29)
4. Storms (6:35)
5. Peace On Earth (5:50)
6. Seven Story Mountain (15:08)
7. Railroad Earth (6:29)

Disc Two (35:42)

1. My Sisters & Brothers (6:40)
2. 420 (4:44)
3. Head (17:04)
4. Little Rabbit (7:14)

ADK-SC-1 mics > AT8202 attenuators > Denecke PS2 > Dencecke -AD20 > Edirol R4 > PC (via USB) > Soundforge v6 (Volume and Normalise) > CDwave Editor > Nero > CD
Recording and transfer by Leslie Green

CD > EAC (secure, offsets) > .wav > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 6)
CD > FLAC transfer by Julian Fowler

Collection RailroadEarth
Band/Artist Railroad Earth
Venue ABC
Location Glasgow, Scotland

Source ADK-SC-1 mics > AT8202 attenuators > Denecke PS2 > Dencecke -AD20 > Edirol R4 > PC (via USB) > Soundforge v6 (Volume and Normalise) > CDwave Editor > Nero > CD
Lineage CD > EAC (secure, offsets) > .wav > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 6)
Taped by Leslie Green
Transferred by Julian Fowler (CD > FLAC and LMA upload only)


Reviewer: pre-medhead - - October 1, 2008
Subject: WOW
What a smokin' show! Starts with a great dandelion wine and what a HEAD! Pristine recording with a great story behind it. This is a must-have for any RRE fan.
Reviewer: Kyrion - - March 5, 2007
Subject: Great tape of a great show
Get this one -- it's a great recording of one of the first transatlantic shows and well worth the time downloading.
Reviewer: Young Blood - - March 2, 2007
Subject: Wow
I listen to 4 or 5 archive shows a day and these reviews are no exagerration. It's probably been 6 months since I've enjoyed a show this much. This really is a true 5 star performance and recording. Sound is very good. Setlist is great. The band really is on point. I've had a big dumb grin on my face the whole time listening to this. Thanks
Reviewer: evilAL - - February 23, 2007
Subject: thank you
one of the best recording qualitys ive heard off the archive. these guys are amazing...and the recording dosent hide anything!!!!!! download now!!! must have for any collection.
Reviewer: Christopher710 - - February 18, 2007
Subject: This is a stellar recording of a stellar performance!!!!
Stillwater brings the angels in and the rest of the show is so beautiful!

Thanks to all and Peace to all!!!!
Reviewer: walkinjingle - - February 18, 2007
Subject: Sounds great
Thanks Leslie for this great recording from across the pond :) Clear and warm, I feel like I'm on the balcony with you. Nice that the guys at the venue were so accomodating. The only strange thing is hearing such a small crowd.

Grab this one for Todd's intro to "Black Bear" and the rousing "My Brothers and Sisters" which takes you to the church of Railroad Earth!

Hope this trip earns them some well-deserved credibility overseas, but can't wait for them to come back to a couple of packed shows here in Colorado. They'll bring the sounds of spring after this bitchin' cold winter.
Reviewer: roasta - - February 4, 2007
Subject: Great Scot!
I was blasting the show while doing yardwork today, and the neighbor from across the alley (who I took to his 1st RRE show this past summer) came by and said "Did you know these guys just played Scotland?" I told him that this WAS the Glasgow show... He says "Really? My friend Leslie taped it!"

Thanks for your efforts, it's a fine recording of a fine show. Sounds like the guys worked on My Sisters & Brothers a bit since that NYE breakout (which was a real treat even though Todd wasn't yet all too familiar with the lyrics and phrasing).

- Bill and Maya's backdoor neighbor
Reviewer: elcroz - - February 4, 2007
Subject: The Taper's comments
Firstly, this is not a review. It would not be right for the taper to review his own recording.
Just some background and thanks to staff at the venue, which has a rep for being taper "Unfrienly"( as the guy said to me - it is illegal). I was allowed up to the balcony next to the sound desk. As I was setting up the regular sound guy told me that the speakers were below the level of my mics and that I would not get a good recording. He suggested I put the mics over the barrier facing down. As I was struggling to achieve that the lighting guy arrived and then went to get me a longer boom. What he got wasn't any longer, but he brought a smaller mic stand/camera tripod and let me set it up under the table, where he had his control panel. He said the drop down of 2 feet would make all the difference in sound. I guess he was right. So the gear was set up next to the sound board with the mics under the table and the pre-amp and recorder on topso it was easily monitored. The even let me pug in to their electrics to bower the Edirol R4.
I was pleased enough with the recording and have foundit to sound better through headphones and turned up loud.
Sad thing is it was supposed to be a standing show, but the sold so few tickets they put seats in. In the end there were between 100 and 150 people there. I had a front row seat and went down there once the recording was going and levels adjusted. Great band and great show. I got enough pics for the artwork, which I hope you all like.
I feel sorry for all the "Wegies"(Glaswegians) who paid 3-4 times as much for tickets for what appears to have been a routinely dull Willie Nelson show at a big auditorium across town the same night. They should have been checking out these newish kids on the block at the ABC. They would have gone home dancing!!!
Thanks for the kind reviews and big thanks to Julian for putting it up for me.
I'll give it five stars to keep the average the same.
Reviewer: intpseeker - - February 4, 2007
Subject: Excellent recording of a great show
One of the best recordings I've heard here. Good equipment, good venue for sound, and an appreciative audience that was a bit quieter than we're used to on the other side of the pond. You can hear some really nice details sometimes lost in our AFFB/MFFB
get-togethers, although I find it hard to believe they weren't AF/MF'd!

Catch JG's solo with every note right there, and little rabbit was a treat. The guys kicked it up yet another notch at the end that had to leave folks in a frenzy.

Thanks for a super recording and fast upload.
Reviewer: Kozmic Kowboy - - February 3, 2007
Subject: Another Fine Show
Glad to see the local boys are making a world wide name for themselves. Nice recording and bonus points the nice cover art.
Reviewer: ABSSiegel - - February 3, 2007
Subject: What A Great Tour!
This has been the second recording released from the British Isles tour. These shows have shown the talent and energy that RRE displays. Thanks for sharing the brilliance with those of us who are FREEZING on this side of the Atlantic.
Railroad Earth
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Railroad Earth
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Railroad Earth
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